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The Week in Review


Nature gave us a new topic to focus on last week.

The white stuff from the sky — lots of it, by the standards of this area — temporarily replaced vaccines as the topic uppermost in everyone’s mind. Well, except maybe those primed to get a vaccine only to see vaccination sites closed because of the weather.

Pretty to look at, the snow also created some real problems with the city’s water supply. Low pressure related to the frigid temperatures caused Memphis Light, Gas and Water to issue its first boil order. Suburban cities, with their own water supplies, weren’t affected. But many Downtown residents living in high rises were still without water early this week after days of being without, as the low water pressure made it impossible to get water in higher floors.

Aside from the weather, other problems continued to plague vaccine distribution. County Commissioner Mick Wright wanted the National Guard and logistics experts to help with the vaccine rollout.

And in Nashville, lawmakers are proposing a host of election-related measures that could change drastically how Tennesseans vote. Also, Democratic legislators unveiled a slate of education proposals. — Metro editor Ron Maxey

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MLGW's water crisis came after funding for infrastructure overhaul was delayed

When the city’s water system became a crisis last week, Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division was several months underway with a five-year $142.4 million overhaul of water system infrastructure. 

Shelby County gripped by frigid, below-zero wind chills and more snow

In case you wondered, the National Weather Service refers to the Memphis area’s current precipitation as “freezing fog.” They even posted a tweet from Beale Street.

After snow, ice, hospitals now boiling water, watching surgery load

Some using bottled water to wash fruit, vegetables in cafeterias and cutting back on surgeries. 

Melting ice, snow reveal fresh crop of potholes

Potholes are popping up in the aftermath of last week’s ice and snow, but the City of Memphis has a plan in place to handle them. 

County commissioner urges National Guard intervention for vaccine effort

The County Commission will discuss the call by Commissioner Mick Wright during Wednesday, Feb. 17, committee sessions. Wright said the current system needs to be reworked.

In-school teaching could be a non-starter for some SCS teachers

SCS is requiring all in-school personnel to report to their school buildings, health concerns notwithstanding.

Dozens of election changes proposed by Tennessee legislators

Here’s a review of some of the bills that would change elections in Shelby County and Tennessee. Some of them have been proposed before and others are new in the wake of the 2020 presidential election year.

The snow and your car aren't going anywhere

With temperatures remaining below freezing, the city is using snow equipment it has only used one other time in the past eight years. And when snow removal begins, the city warns the snow is likely to go on sidewalks and other property that is not the responsibility of public works.

MLGW to suspend nonpayment cutoffs; boil water advisory ongoing

Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division will suspend service cutoffs for nonpayment until further notice and extend its pandemic payment plan option. The boil water advisory remains in effect.

Democratic legislators outline slate of education proposals

Democratic lawmakers proposed a package of legislation Thursday, Feb. 18, that would increase teacher pay and bring more nurses, counselors and social workers into Tennessee schools.



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