• Rays of Wisdom: Generous giving and your taxes

    Ray’s Take: According to the IRS, Americans gave more than $390 billion to charity last year and people in the middle to lower income brackets gave the most. You may find this surprising, but research has actually shown that the less someone earns, the more likely they are to give their money away to help others. 

  • The Daily Traveler: Come experience the world’s possibilities

    I poured a second cup of coffee, walked to the kitchen table and opened my iPad, revealing the home screen photo of St. Kitts with the waves of the Atlantic crashing in from the east and the gentle bath of the Caribbean lapping ashore from the west. A road bisects the island, heading south over gently rolling hills toward the southern coast. In the distance, a cloud hovers along the top of Nevis, the sister isle of this two-island nation.

  • Guest Column: BBB, government team up to combat business scams

    In June, the FTC, other law enforcement agencies and the BBB announced the results of Operation Main Street: Stopping Small Business Scams, a law enforcement and education initiative targeting scammers who victimize businesses. The other agencies include the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, two U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and eight state attorneys general.

  • FUNdraising: Diversity & Acceptance in Fundraising

    Editor’s note: Part one of a four-part series. We were asked to speak to the Memphis Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) on Sept. 13. The following is part one of our remarks. We share these as we believe they are important to all of us who care about Memphis. Remarks were written by Melvin and Pearl Shaw and delivered by Pearl Shaw.

  • Let's Grow: Practicing Innovation – An Inside Job

    It is a heroic adventure being an innovation practitioner. To lead an organization to where it is ready to flex its culture, business model, practices and management style requires the types of talents and skills that only metaphors can describe: the hunting instincts of a lion, the fortitude of a buffalo, the wisdom of an owl and the patience of a turtle.

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