Biggs: Helping hands needed on holidays

Last year Kelly English fed New Year’s Day breakfast to about 300 people in need and provided them with warm wear before they left the restaurant. This year he’s doing it again, and you can help.

  • Does your pie have what it takes for Broadway?

    The Broadway musical “Waitress” is coming to the Orpheum next month and we’re going to have a little fun while we wait for the sweet show to open. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that Jenna loves her pies. If you do too, it’s time to show off.

  • Biggs: Students writing BBQ book want your help

    Last week I sat before a panel of panel of young women from Middle College High School at Christian Brothers University and the tables were turned, as they peppered me with a series of questions about Memphis barbecue. The class of 2022 is writing a book about the history of the city’s most revered food and I was one of several folks they interviewed.

  • Cooper Young updates and menu for Bigg Friday Lunch

    This is the Cooper Young column today. First, congratulations to Ruth Herndon, formerly of Restaurant Iris and The Second Line, who has become the general manager of Tsunami. Ben Smith and Colleen Couch-Smith’s restaurant celebrated 20 years in the summer and Herndon will be part of its continued growth.

  • Last list for Thanksgiving restaurant openings

    Here’s an updated list for places open on Thanksgiving. I’ve removed any place that has closed reservations and added another spot. Also, keep in mind that if you don’t want a traditional Thanksgiving meal, you can choose from numerous ethnic restaurants that will be open. Most are; call your favorite spots to check ahead of time and find out their hours. Wherever you celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  • Bar Talk: Memphis Made Brewing

    Memphis Made Brewing is one of six breweries in Memphis and so happens to be the one in Cooper-Young, just across the street from where the ninth Cooper-Young Beerfest will be held Oct. 20.

  • Another one: David Grisanti's opens in Collierville

    No one can complain about lack of new dining, particularly on the East side of the county. Raven and Lily opened in Collierville in August, P.O. Press Public House and Provisions opened last week, Ronnie Grisanti’s at Regalia opened a day before P.O. Press, and now David Grisanti’s is in full swing at the former Ronnie Grisanti’s spot in Sheffield Antiques Mall.

  • $10 Deal: The Farm Fowl

    About two years ago, Sear Shack showed us how good simple can be. The restaurant opened in Collierville with three items: Burgers, fries and shakes. Sure, you could customize a little—a single or a double, add bacon, put cheese sauce on your fries—but the core menu was limited.

  • Biggs: October brings festival weather to Memphis

    When October comes around, so do the festivals and dinners. You can stay busy from now until the end of the year with good food and drink if that’s what you like – and I’m guessing you do. Coming up soon (more later in the month):

  • Food Fight: Gus’s vs. Uncle Lou’s

    As near as anyone can tell, people have been frying food since the Middle Ages. I like to think that this unknown date, when a first fritter was dunked in boiling fat, was our true moment of civilization. Around the world, perhaps nothing fries up as nicely as a chicken. Setting aside vegetarians and the extremely health conscious, it is everyone’s favorite food. Right?

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