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Table Talk: Two holidays, two snows, untold numbers of photos this week
Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers offers (from left) the Chicago Dog, Freddy’s Original Double and Freddy’s Original Patty Melt. (Jennifer Biggs/Daily Memphian)

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers offers (from left) the Chicago Dog, Freddy’s Original Double and Freddy’s Original Patty Melt. (Jennifer Biggs/Daily Memphian)

Welcome back to Table Talk, where The Daily Memphian’s food and dining editor Jennifer Biggs sends the latest food news (along with a dash of this and that) to your inbox every Wednesday.

It’s so cold outside that it’s hard to stay warm inside; my work-from-home view is out the French doors of my den, and while I’m keeping the house plenty warm, I shiver just looking. I speak for everyone when I say just please let the power stay on.

Really. Please. My neighborhood lost power a couple of weeks ago, and even though it was just for about two hours and the temperature in the house only dropped to 63 degrees, I found out fast that I’m not made for rustic living. 


But the cold didn’t stop me, or many of you, from getting out in the snow and harvesting a bowl for snow cream. This took me back to making it with my grandmother, who used milk, sugar and vanilla. These days, some folks prefer sweetened condensed milk and some stick with the tried and true. 

Stuck at home, cooks gonna cook. They’re loving it, and sharing more photos than I can keep up with on Table Talk, our food Facebook page you can read more about below. It’s a big week for chili, pot pies, gumbo and other sweets besides snow cream. 

Before the snow came, I gathered five fish sandwiches and did a taste test in response to the launch of Popeye’s Cajun Flounder sandwich last week. It’s a good one and Popeye’s offers sandwich insurance that promises you a chicken sandwich if you don’t love the flounder. You’ll find the rules to participate at Popeye’s, and you’ll also find out which fast food sandwich was the best. And listen: It was really good. 

There’s yet another Red Hook Seafood on the way, this one in Ridgeway Trace Center. These have been popping up all over for the past two years or so — there’s even a Red Hook in the 19th Century Club on Union. 

Mardi Gras came and went without much fanfare, thanks to COVID and the polar vortex, but Ash Wednesday is here and that means Calvary Waffle Shop will soon follow. Things are different this year, and on Sound Bites I have an unexpected guest. My friend Michael Donahue of the Memphis Flyer eats there more than anyone I know, so we talk it over. Be sure to read the story to find out this year’s hours. 


Linda Moore tells us that Marci Clark is opening a second location of Suga Mama Snoballs. The first is in Whitehaven and her second will be on Shelby Drive. 

Speaking of cold food in cold weather, I tried a milkshake when I went to the new Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers that opened in East Memphis last week. It was the first day of ice and snow, there was a long line, and we were rewarded with a very nice Freddy’s Original Double at the end. 

For Valentine’s Day, I told you about some couples in town who own restaurants together. Would you want to work with your spouse all day and then go home to the same house? These couples love it. 


German chocolate cake cooked by Kim Terrell. (Courtesy photo)

On our Table Talk Facebook page, we’ve been busy. Before I tell you about that, I have a treat for you. Kim Terrell’s German chocolate cake was so oohed and aahed that I asked for the recipe and she sent it. Click here for the link.


Besides showing off what we’ve cooked (that’s a very loose use of we, as I mean y’all), we’ve discussed the shortage of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and I’ve shared a recipe for a homemade version. We’ve also talked about the foods we didn’t eat when we were kids and still don’t eat today.

Folks are all over that TikTok feta pasta bake (some like it, some don’t), and there’s more. If you like to cook, to eat or just to look at pictures of good food or talk about it, join our community. It’s cold outside. COVID is still out there. I can’t change that, but I can give you a group that will make your belly hungry and feed your soul.

Have a safe and happy week!

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