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  • “One of the best local news sites in the country.” – Politico
  • “Driving a shift in the digital media business.” – The New York Times
  • “In Memphis, a lab experiment for local news.” – The Atlantic
  • “Ghost papers and news deserts: Will America ever get its local news back?” – The Washington Post
  • “The Daily Memphian’s model demands attention.” NiemanLab at Harvard
  • “Digital startups with strong financial backing are hitting key targets” – The Poynter Institute
  • “Reviving Local Media: The innovations helping publishers thrive in the age of digital” – Forbes
  • “Startups are pushing back against the rise of ‘news deserts’ and the pitfalls facing local journalism” – CNN: Reliable Sources Podcast

Launched in September 2018, The Daily Memphian is the must-read, primary daily online publication for intelligent, in-depth journalism in the Memphis community. The Daily Memphian reports on critical news, holds political, business and community leaders accountable, and engages with and entertains its readers – all while seeking truth, acting with integrity, and never fearing stories simply because of their negative or positive attributes. Led by a seasoned team of veteran journalists, The Daily Memphian is of Memphis, not just in Memphis, and seeks to tell the stories of this city.



Eric Barnes, CEO. Eric is the longtime publisher of The Daily News and host of Behind the Headlines on WKNO. He’s a former President of the Tennessee Press Association, was once COO of Towery Publishing in Memphis, and has worked as a reporter, editor and in other positions at media companies in New York and Connecticut. 

Ronnie Ramos, Executive Editor. Ronnie was formerly the executive editor at the Indianapolis Star. During his more than 30 years in journalism, he has held senior leadership positions at the Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fort Myers News-Press, Shreveport (La.) Times and the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). He was part of the team at the Miami Herald that won the Pulitzer Prize for public service for its coverage of Hurricane Andrew. 

Wendy Greenlaw, Director of Audience Development. Wendy has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience, most recently with Chandler Reports, where she spent 11 years managing all aspects of customer engagement, retention, and subscription sales.

Jason IsraelChief Technology OfficerJason is a native Memphian who has led several Memphis based SAAS companies as a start-up CTO and software engineer for over 20 years, including Verified Person Inc., Extracon Science LLC, Rapsheets.com and The Daily News. 

Justin Rushing, Advertising Director. Justin leads advertising and sponsorships for The Daily Memphian. He has has more than 20 years of media experience, having worked at The Memphis Flyer, The Commercial Appeal, ESPN and Cars.com

James OverstreetEditor. James was formerly the Executive Editor of The Daily News, as well as Business Editor at The Commercial Appeal, Managing Editor of The Memphis Business Journal, and a reporter at numerous publications in the Southeast.

Kathy Kendrick, Business Manager. Kathy was for two decades the Business Manager of The Memphis Business Journal.

Mary CashiolaDigital Director. Mary Cashiola writes The Daily Memphian’s Early Word morning email and leads digital efforts for the publication. A veteran journalist, she has reported on education, business, local government and the environment for the Memphis Business Journal, The Memphis Flyer and other publications. She’s also worked for the City of Memphis and as an ad agency copywriter. 


Otis Sanford, Columnist & Editor-at-Large. Otis holds the Chair of Excellence in the Department of Journalism & Strategic Media at The University of Memphis. Otis is the former Managing Editor at The Commercial Appeal, Deputy City Editor at Detroit Free Press and Assistant City Editor at The Pittsburgh Press. He worked as a reporter at The Clarion-Ledger and The Commercial Appeal.


Board of Directors

Andy Cates, President & Chairman
Managing Member, ValFund

Robert J. Davis, Vice President
President and Editor-in-Chief, Everwell

James Maclin, Secretary
Principal/Consultant, M&M Enterprises

Roshun Austin, Treasurer
President/CEO, The Works, Inc.

Nancy Coffee, Director
SVP, The Chairman's Circle, Greater Memphis Chamber

Mary Tabor Engel, Director
Former reporter for The New York Times

Edward Felsenthal, Director
Editor, TIME

Deanie Parker, Director
Former President/CEO, Soulsville, Inc.

Kevin McEniry, Director
CEO, nexAir



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Free Access

We offer free access to all pre-k through 12th-grade schools in Shelby County. Contact our Director of Audience Development, Wendy Greenlaw, for more information about access at schools and other community locations.


Financial Support

In the last two years, The Daily Memphian has received funding from the following foundations and organizations:

Also in the last two years, The Daily Memphian has received contributions of $1,000 or more from the following individuals:

Elizabeth Arndt
Eric Barnes
Trevor Benitone
Breen Bland
Binka Bone
Thomas Boulden
James R. Boyd
Martha Boyd
Cindy and Kevin Brewer
Andy and Mary Allison Cates
Allison P. and Andrew F. Cates
George and Bena Cates
LEO Events Charitable Fund
Rich Clayton
Nancy Coffee
Douglas B. Duncan
Kristen Duncan
Engel Family Fund
Mary Tabor Engel
Fockler Family Fund
Rose Foundation
Fraser Family Fund
Brown Gill
James S. Gilliland Jr. and Kathryn Gilliland
Jerry and Bobbi Gillis
Raymond Glotzbach
John Good
Tuli and S. Goorha
Margaret and Sam Graham
Samuel N. Graham
Thomas L. and Melissa C. Grimes
Suzanne Gronemeyer
William H. Haltom
Henry and Margaret Hancock
Jason P. Hood
Richard Roland Spore III
Jason Israel
Jeanne and Frank Jemison
Jay Keegan
James D. Lackie
Mary and Bob Loeb
Andrew R. McCarroll
Kevin McEniry
Robert G. and Paula P. McEniry
McLean Family Fund
Chris McLemore
Brooke Morrow
Dot H. Neale
Charles F. Newman
Erin Ostrow
Randolph Ramey
Todd Richardson
William Ryan
Bruce Ryan
Tabor Family Fund
Gwendolyn Tutor
Bill Walker
Spence Wilson
Rebecca W. Wilson
Yiyang Fund

All funding was donated to Memphis Fourth Estate, Inc., the 501(c)3 that owns and operates The Daily Memphian.

Other financial support for The Daily Memphian comes from paid subscriptions as well as sponsorships and advertising as visible on the site, at events and in our podcasts and other media.

No donation to The Daily Memphian will compromise or interfere with our editorial independence, as defined here. All funding to The Daily Memphian is controlled by the board of directors and management.

You can find a copy of our most recent IRS 990 filing by clicking on the PDF.


Editorial Independence

Memphis Fourth Estate, Inc., which is governed by an independent board of directors, owns and oversees The Daily Memphian.

The board is not in place to pick stories, direct the newsroom, or manage the journalists, although the board can and will share feedback and ideas about editorial strategy and overall direction to The Daily Memphian’s CEO and Executive Editor.

All board members have pledged that they will not use their role on the board to promote coverage that might personally benefit any board member. At the sole editorial discretion of the newsroom, board members may appear in articles or other content produced by The Daily Memphian, but their role as a board member will be disclosed in the article or content.

In the event that the CEO, Executive Editor, or any member of the newsroom perceive that they are experiencing inappropriate pressure from the board as a whole or a board member individually, The Daily Memphian’s Editorial Ombudsman serves as an independent arbiter of any conflict with – or inappropriate pressure from – the board or any board member(s).

Being a donor, funder, advertiser, sponsor or paid subscriber to The Daily Memphian does not in any way empower or entitle that individual or organization to dictate or control what articles or content are produced by The Daily Memphian, or to have oversight, approval or direction of articles or other content.

Where funding has been given to enhance or support certain types or categories of coverage, the nature of that funding has been disclosed.

While advertisers and sponsors may choose to sponsor or advertise within specific types of content, that does not give the advertiser or sponsor the right to control or dictate the substance, tone, or direction of that content.

The Daily Memphian welcomes input, feedback and criticism from all readers, podcast listeners, video viewers, and event attendees.