<strong>Elizabeth Cawein</strong>

May Playlist: Happy birthday to us

It would be easier in Memphis than anywhere else on Earth to feature 200 songs in honor of our city's 200th anniversary, but this list wasn’t meant to be exhaustive – not even close!

Conaway: Looking at Tom Lee Park

We’re about to spend $50 million to fix something that’s not really broken, and throw chump change or nothing at all at opportunities for true transformation.

  • Explore Bike Share celebrates an anniversary

    We are closer than we think culturally. This discovery is backed by Explore Bike Share’s robust data, which shows that the most activated stations are in our public parks and shared spaces. We are closer to being the city we want to be. 

  • Ramadan: When Muslims show 'the best versions of ourselves'

    Fortunately, I’m not alone on my journey to complete a successful Ramadan. One of the best parts of this month is that it brings my family closer, whether it is by breaking our fast together, going to the mosque for night prayers or simply spending time together.

  • Nelson: Why Sinatra came to Memphis

    Frank Sinatra spent most of his life not liking us much. The South during the early and middle years of Sinatra’s career as the preeminent vocalist of his era — the 1940s through the 1960s — was a hotbed of racial bigotry, one of the things he hated most.

  • Memphis needs to get on the bus

    Every college student in Memphis should have bus access provided by their college or university – just like they get parking. Our hospital systems should encourage employees to take mass transit. Our corporations located on decent bus routes should adopt equitable policies toward bus ridership versus car ridership.

  • Six lessons on financial literacy

    Children may witness an adult paying for most items with a credit card or a mobile phone service without recognizing this as money spent. And often children don’t connect your work with income; they may not realize that adults work and are paid for that work.

  • Music Fest needs an overhaul

    What happens at Music Fest in Memphis feels like a frantic cash-grab to break even on the massive production costs of creating a miniature city at Tom Lee Park every May. New Orleans’ Jazz Fest and Austin’s South by Southwest do a better job of dispersing throughout the city cores, which boosts businesses while drawing tourists.

  • Sanford: Casada should resign

    If Casada thinks that removing Cothren as chief of staff and smoothing things over with contrite words on the radio will put an end to the scandal, he is mistaken. The bipartisan chorus of calls for him to resign will only get louder, and Democrats are intensifying their demands for a TBI investigation. 

  • Nelson: A tale of two Gores

    Al Gore somehow managed to be dealt a straight flush — a booming economy, a world at peace, and a popular administration in which he served as vice president for eight years — and play it into a losing hand. 

  • Conaway: You're better than that

    We must find a way to take the warmth around our tables, the generosity in our hearts, and what I believe to be the genuine decency of our nature, and carry it to the chambers of those elected to lead us.

  • A downtown for everyone

    'I intentionally moved my family to Uptown to give my children an experience of the best of both worlds; a safe, decent and affordable neighborhood with access to a vibrant downtown and beautiful riverfront.'

  • Partial judges among us

    About 100 years ago, two murders in South Braintree, Massachusetts, captivated our nation and the world. Two Italian immigrants – Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti – were accused, convicted of the crimes and executed in a Massachusetts electric chair in 1927.

  • 12 things I have learned in the ministry

    After nearly 20 years as senior pastor of Idlewild Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Dr. Steve Montgomery leads his last service before retiring on Sunday, May 5. The Daily Memphian asked him to summarize his thoughts as he steps away from the pulpit. He replied with a list of "12 things I have learned in the ministry."

  • MLGW rates are low, but still burden low-income residents

    There are two reasons low-income families are over-burdened by energy costs: First, much of our housing stock is in poor condition. And second, residents are not well-informed about keeping energy costs down. Heating to 85 degrees in winter while cooling to 68 in the summer is a recipe for bankruptcy.

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