<strong>Dan Conaway</strong>

Conaway: The recipe for Lent

For those of you who don’t understand the idea of tomato aspic, understand this: You’re living in the South and at some important point in life, you'll be in a place where it’s wiggling right in front of you. A place like the Calvary Waffle Shop during Lent, for instance.

Conaway: Kings of this wild frontier

The very first politically wired, insider Memphis land grab was a done deal when the Chickasaw Nation was pressured into ceding almost 7 million acres at about 4.5 cents apiece, around 99.5 percent below market value.

Conaway: If you want to help, then help

This city already pays less for light, gas and water than any other in Tennessee, and less than most cities in the country. If we really want to help the poor with their utilities, there are subsidies, sliding scales and credits. 

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