Opinion: Thank you, ma’am

In the last few national elections, about 4% more women than men voted overall. In the Black community, it’s running about 10% more women than men. Among Hispanics, it’s about 5% more. They are Democrats and Republicans, but they are not in lockstep along party lines.

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Opinion: Hmmm, we got issues

The fact that we aren’t in shape anymore to shape the world has made us mad, and Donald Trump played to that anger to get elected president in 2016 and every day since.

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Opinion: Not the apple of the Big Apple’s eye

What New York City had to endure this year at the hands of the coronavirus is both a lesson and a warning of what’s at risk. They’ve been trying to tell us. One of their very own is president of the United States, and they tried to tell us about him, too.

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