Bar Talk: Libro at Laurelwood

Strawberry Sunset is a new drink going on the cocktail list at Libro, but you can get it now just by asking for it. It’s refreshing and well-balanced, perfect for warm weather.

  • Bar Talk: Sage

    House of Sage is the signature cocktail at Sage on South Main and it contains whiskey named after the first African-American master distiller.

  • Bar Talk: Next Door

    Strong rye, honey gastrique and a boatload of bitters make Nick Lumpkin's Rye Time cocktail a fun riff on a whiskey sour.

  • Bar Talk: Edge Alley

    You can try a version of Edge Alley's Turmeric Tonic at home, using  an adaptation of the Golden Tea recipe widely ballyhooed as a health miracle.

  • Bar Talk: Interim

    Rosemary simple syrup and grapefruit juice make for an easy drinking cocktail or a pitcher perfect for the fridge on vacation. 

  • Bar Talk: P.O. Press

    The cocktails at P.O. Press in Collierville are as creative as the food. Coma Pony debuted this week and counts olive oil among its ingredients.

  • Bar Talk: Mortimer's

    There are many reasons to go to a bar, and a stiff drink is only one of them. At Mortimer’s, regulars lean to a cold beer, a simple vodka and tonic – or a handful of M&Ms. Above all, they go to visit with each other in the East Memphis bar and restaurant that’s about as where-everybody-knows-your-name as it gets.

  • Bar Talk: Strano by Chef Josh

    At Strano by Chef Josh, The Promised Land flows with milk and honey – and more: Dried honeycomb from chef Josh Steiner's beehives makes for an unusual garnish.

  • Bar Talk: Ronnie Grisanti's

    Ronnie Grisanti’s bar at Regalia is hopping old school, thanks in large part to the drinks that bartender Chris Backey pours behind the long bar.

  • Bar Talk: Sparkling cocktails

    A bottle of bubbly is all but required for New Year’s Eve, but you don’t have to drink it straight if you prefer it extra. A Champagne cocktail is always appreciated, and we have a few for you to try.

  • Bar Talk: Milk Punch with Kelly English

    Milk punch is a Christmas Day tradition in my house, and it’s true to its name as I make up a batch of it, freeze some in an ice ring or two and serve a punch bowl full of it. Day drinking at its finest.

  • Bar Talk: Acre

    I love a good mixology hack, and Taylor Hannah at Acre shows us how to mimic a shrub with none of the work in Beast O’ Burden, a favorite at the bar in the beautiful East Memphis restaurant.

  • Bar Talk: Doc's 52

    Can’t decide between bourbon and rye? You don’t have to if you pick up a bottle of Doc.52; it’s half each.

  • Bar Talk: Pontotoc Lounge

    Daniel Masters took over Pontotoc Cafe, revamped it and opened it as Pontotoc Lounge in August (despite the fact that you'll hear it called by its old name in the video).

  • Bar Talk: Celtic Crossing

    Celtic Crossing owner D.J. Naylor likes his whiskey, and he wants you to share his opinion. Last year, he held a series of drinking classes on Irish whiskey to expand the palates of us bourbon-lovin' Memphians. Now he's hosting a series on Scotch whisky (the Scots don't use the 'e') to further educate us.

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