Police force of 2,800 key to community policing, city experts say

Phyllis Betts and Richard Janikowski have set a new bar for growing the Memphis Police Department ranks to 2,800. They talked on The Daily Memphian Politics Podcast about calls for more police amid calls locally for changing the fundamentals of policing and even the share of government funds devoted to policing.


The future of radio on WYXR

Contrary to early rumors, University of Memphis radio station WYXR – formerly WUMR – will still play jazz, there will be lots of Memphis music but other music as well, and U of M students will continue to be involved in the station.


Restaurateurs want faster COVID test turnaround

Restaurants are not required to close, but Deni Reilly and Erling Jensen say they feel they have no choice, that they are responsible for keeping their employees and guests safe and with quick results, they could reopen faster.


New voting system to wait until after November presidential election

On "Behind The Headlines," Shelby County Elections Administrator Linda Phillips says some upgraded digital scanners that are part of the new system will be used in the August vote count and again in November. She expects the November presidential general election Shelby County to be a record-setter in terms of turnout.

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