East Memphis

  • Musical Heights

    The Na-Jack Market at 1457 National St., which takes its name from its location sandwiched between National and Jackson Avenue near where they converge, may look like just another convenience store – a place to grab a drink and a snack, some cigarettes, maybe a lottery ticket – but once, somewhere between where the stacks of unrefrigerated sodas and the storeroom are now, music history was made here. 

  • Fashion entrepreneur Ashley Dean-Parson’s ‘glamtique’ offers one-stop shopping

    With her “glamtique” Ashley Dean-Parson has flipped the concept of boutique on its head. “A lot of times, being a full-figured woman, we would go into a store that we would really, really love and they wouldn’t have a plus-size section or if they did, it was really, really small,” she said.  “So, I took that same concept and did it here and did the reverse.”

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