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“I’d love to hear the court’s definition of ‘willful neglect.’ Evidently it doesn’t include failure to teach and instruct your staff to use software to perform their functions, failure to meet deadlines to ensure locations for service to citizens, or taking a vacation while operations are in disarray.” — Verlinda Henning about Wanda Halbert ouster suit dismissed

“Mayor Young’s budget, which includes MATA, has a big MATA operating deficit for this year. Let’s be honest, either cut services or raise the city’s contribution.” — Charlie Belenky about Opinion: Hold MATA accountable for inadequate bus service

“Ms. Cooper is correct. ‘Dysfunctional’ would be a good description for the majority of this council who couldn’t manage a hot dog stand. Thank you Mr. Carlisle for your efforts. Turn over every rock and cut the fat!” — Paul Hall about New Memphis budget proposal could have no tax increase, cut expenses

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