Commenting Policy

The Daily Memphian has updated its commenting policy as of September 2, 2021.

1. The Daily Memphian welcomes comments from subscribers. While comments that reflect frustration, criticism, annoyance, and even anger are acceptable, we will remove any comment that is racist, sexist or otherwise breaks our standards.

2. The comments are meant for reasonably civil discussion focused on the issues and subjects in our articles. We do not accept comments that include profanity, personal attacks and personal disparagement. Comments that veer from these guidelines will be deleted.

3. The above guidelines are the same principles we use in moderating comments on our social media pages and posts, with the caveat that we aren’t able to see all social media posts that are made about our articles.

4. Comments are reserved for paying subscribers only.

5. While staff will continue to review the comments, we now also have more automated filtering in place. This should reduce the unacceptable comments, but it does mean that – sometimes – perfectly acceptable comments will get held in a queue before they post to the site. Staff members will look at these held comments. Assuming they are acceptable, they will be posted.

6. We encourage other readers to flag problematic comments as unacceptable. If a comment is flagged by readers five times, it will be sent to our staff for moderation.

7. The same is true for a commenter. If other readers flag a commenter five times, staff will take a look and see if there is a problem.

8. To be clear, while our staff will consider the input of readers on comments and commenters, editors will decide whether a comment (or commenter) is accepted or removed.

9. Comments are now tied to a reader’s subscription, meaning you will no longer have to create a separate account for commenting or tie your comments to your social media profile. Because comments are now tied to a reader’s subscription, anonymous commenting is not allowed.

If you have questions about this policy, email us at

Also, you are welcome to submit a Letter to the Editor for consideration by our editors.