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“I was a Penny skeptic and have been frustrated at times, but his perseverance has won me over. I am looking forward to what comes for our team.” — Richmond Adams, about Calkins: Why Penny will never meet insane expectations — but is still the perfect guy for the job

“I heard Chief Davis say law enforcement at every level, Federal, State and local are continuing to investigate this horrible incident and other individuals as well. … Let the family grieve and let all levels of law enforcement do their jobs. … I hope clear heads will prevail. Our city has been through a lot this past year, so, peace be with you all.” — Robert Rowan, about MPD chief orders probe of specialized units; additional officers under investigation

“Opera Memphis is so fortunate to have someone with the passion and energy for connecting to the community as Ned Canty. He is so innovative and keeps pushing to make opera more tangible to the community as a whole. He carries that enthusiasm and joy into all facets of the city. I can’t wait to see what he does at this spot.” — Matt Farmer, about Exclusive: Opera Memphis moving to Midtown location

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