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Elizabeth Cawein is the founder and director of Music Export Memphis, which leverages public and private support to function as an export office for Memphis music, creating opportunities for musicians and driving economic development through music and culture. She is also an adjunct professor of music publicity at the University of Memphis, and in 2019 will teach a new course she developed on Music Urbanism at Rhodes College.

Memphis music for March: the Spring Sprang Sprung playlist

By Published: March 24, 2019 2:20 PM CT

As I write this, the sun is shining in through my office window, and I can hear a bird singing. I had only minimal trouble getting out of bed this morning (daylight saving time, we’re on mixed terms), and I didn’t even have to put on a coat when I left the house.

I’m calling it: spring has sprung!

If you’ve lived in Memphis for any length of time you know that we basically get 2.5 seasons – summer (May to September), winter (November to February) and then sprinkle in ¼ serving of fall (October if we’re lucky) and ¼ serving of spring (March and April, except for that time when it snowed on Easter, and all the other times it snowed in March).

So, while I am fully aware that we could revert to winter – or frankly, skip straight to summer – at any moment, please forgive me for reveling in this brief, crisp, lovely, perfect spring.

This season brings with it my favorite type of weather, simply described as: heat in the morning, windows in the afternoon. Yes, this is absolutely sublime driving-with-the-windows-down kind of weather, and if you’re going to open up the moon roof, you’ll definitely need some new music to crank up and out into that clear blue sky.

And thus I bring you: Spring Sprang Sprung, your March playlist of Memphis music.

As usual, I think this mix has a little something for everyone. Depending on your windows-down music preferences, we’ve got bangers with deep grooves (Don Bryant’s “One Ain’t Enough” or Eleanor Tallie’s “Hell or Heaven”), plenty of guitar shredding to go around (check out “Rose of Jericho” from MEM Ambassadors Tora Tora, followed by “Kerosene,” by MEM Ambassadors Every Mother’s Nightmare), and even a few tunes for that more contemplative road trip (“HEAD” by Cities Aviv and “Pull Up (Duratec V6)” from Don Lifted close out the list).

In total there are 20 songs covering about an hour and 10 minutes here, the perfect start to a day-trip drive or an easy way to vastly improve your commute to work and back one day this week. And if you’ve been following these mixes since the first one (check it out here) in November, you’ve got a little more than five hours of Memphis music at your fingertips from more than 75 individual artists or bands.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sun roof to open and a playlist to crank up to 11.  


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