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Calkins: Change may be coming now that Penny is airport spokesperson

One-cent fares, five-star meals and Foamposite seats, perhaps?

By Updated: May 16, 2019 4:24 PM CT | Published: May 16, 2019 1:05 PM CT

Penny Hardaway is the new spokesperson for the Memphis airport. I asked y’all what that could mean. Among the changes you should look for in the coming months:

<strong>Geoff Calkins</strong>

Geoff Calkins

* All flights to Lexington, Durham and Lawrence diverted to Memphis.

* Airplanes will travel down the runway at a dramatically faster pace.

* New smack-talking TSA agent: Lil Penny.

* New voice over the public address system: Chris Rock.

* Long-term parking now one cent.

* One cent getaway fares.

* From now on, John Calipari must land in Millington.

* In-flight meals now exclusively five star.

* Delta decommits from Atlanta and returns to Memphis.

* Jealous executives at other airports say Memphis will be getting hit with FAA violations any day now.

* Those executives also ask, “But does Penny know how to fly the plane?”

* Foamposite seat cushions!

* All passengers must take shoes off while going through security. Unless they are Air Pennys, in which case, never mind.

* Arrivals now determined exclusively by crystal ball.

* Boarding will be 40 minutes of hell.

* Out-of-touch national airport analysts complain that Memphis is replacing a veteran airport spokesperson with someone who has never been an airport spokesperson before.

* Tony Allen shows up and turns the water off.

* King Cotton concession stands in every concourse.

* All pilots must be “rightly seasoned.”

* First-class passengers will be issued a Big Ticket. 

* Airport symbol no longer “MEM.” Now “GTG.”

* Air traffic controllers give permission to launch by quoting Mike Miller: “Let it fly.”

* Nike Airlines?

* Memphis projected to be a Top 10 airport next year.

And, of course.

* New Memphis airport slogan: “Get the F out of here.”


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