Bar Talk: Ronnie Grisanti's

By Published: January 07, 2019 11:42 PM CT

Ronnie Grisanti’s bar at Regalia is hopping old school, thanks in large part to the drinks that bartender Chris Backey pours behind the long bar.

The Black Manhattan he recently made for us (check out the video below) is a riff on the traditional cocktail but with greater depth and nuance thanks to the Averna, a bittersweet amaro.

And it’s a breeze to make at home – there’s not even a shaker required. 

Ronnie Grisanti's, 6150 Poplar Avenue; 901-850-0191.

Black Manhattan


A few dashes Angostura bitters

A few dashes Regan’s orange bitters

2 ounces rye

1 ounce Averna

1 Luxardo maraschino cherry, with a bit of juice


Stir bitters, rye and Averna over ice until well chilled. Place cherry in the bottom of a cold martini glass and add a drop of syrup from the jar. Strain cocktail over the cherry and serve. If you don’t keep martini glasses in the freezer, fast chill one by filling it with ice for a few minutes.

Source: Chris Backey


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Bar Talk Ronnie Grisanti's Italian Restaurant Black Manhattan Chris Backey
Jennifer Biggs

Jennifer Biggs

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