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By Published: March 21, 2019 4:00 AM CT
<strong>A Gardener&rsquo;s Daughter made by Tsunami&rsquo;s Ben McWhorter.</strong> (Patrick Lantrip/Daily Memphian)

A Gardener’s Daughter made by Tsunami’s Ben McWhorter. (Patrick Lantrip/Daily Memphian)

At Tsunami, 928 Cooper, the Gardener’s Daughter couldn’t be simpler – except for the name, which owner Ben Smith can’t seem to remember. It’s vodka, fresh watermelon juice and lime juice with a sprig of mint.

Bartender Ben McWhorter pulls it together in less than a minute; the only work is getting fresh watermelon juice ready ahead of time. Do it by putting chunks of seedless watermelon in a food processor or a blender, then straining it to get the pulp out. If you use a blender, you’ll incorporate air in the juice and make the color lighter, but as it settles it’ll go back to a bright red.

Remember you heard it here first: Vodka is the tofu of the spirits world. And it might be the only place you ever hear it.

The Gardener’s Daughter


1 ½ ounces vodka

2 ounces fresh watermelon juice

Squeeze of lime

Mint to garnish


Pour vodka over ice, top with watermelon juice, squeeze in lime juice and garnish with mint.


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Jennifer Biggs

Jennifer Biggs

Jennifer Biggs is a native Memphian and veteran food writer and journalist who covers all things food, dining and spirits related for The Daily Memphian.

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