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MPD brass overturns ‘chokehold’ finding despite bodycam showing officer’s arm around girl’s neck

<strong>In this freeze frame from police body camera footage, Memphis Police officer Enis Jackson&rsquo;s elbow is seen in the foreground as he slips his left arm under a teenage girl&rsquo;s chin. Police censors obscured the girl&rsquo;s face.</strong> (Submitted)

As the Memphis Police Department weighs a request by District Attorney General Amy Weirich to start sending all confirmed cases of excessive force to her office for criminal review, this hotly disputed September 2016 incident illustrates how thorny Weirich’s proposal may be.

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Biden says he’s prepping for White House

While neither presidential candidate has reached the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the White House, Joe Biden is on the verge and told Americans in a Friday night address that he and running mate Kamala Harris are taking meetings on assuming leadership.

Opinion: Gun violence is a public health issue

“The Shelby County Health Department is participating in the Unity Walk Against Gun Violence on Nov. 14, 2020. As public health director, I will be joining the walk to demonstrate my personal commitment to working with others to address the gun violence epidemic in our community.”


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