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“It’s great the kids have these Memphis Tigers as role models. Reading can be a gateway to success in other subjects.” — Bill Wilson, about Memphis Tigers surprise elementary school students with reading event

“Thrilled to hear it — all neighborhoods need to cease short-term rentals. Unfortunately, there’s usually more trouble from them than good. Memphis … hope you’re listening!” — Paige Arnold, about Lakeland clamping down on short-term rentals

“Just got back to the hotel! Really proud of how the team, band, cheerleaders, and Pouncer showed up in the Dome! We looked like we belonged in a P5 conference. … We just need to keep our heads down, stay focused, redo the stadium, and FedEx Forum, and keep winning. …” — Josh Czupryk, about Missouri hands Memphis its first loss of the season

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Echols: ‘Every so often, light breaks through’

“If you stop to look around, the walls of our world are plastered with bulb-lit-arrows all over the place. And they are all pointing to something beyond. Something grander. Something far better and far worse than what usually enters our mind as we’re ordering our combos and swiping our cards and deciding between Diet Coke or Coke Zero. “


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