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“I was there. I didn’t like the boos. We should NEVER boo one of our own.” — Kevin Ruby, about Calkins: Boos! Hate! Grizzlies end a wild day with a win.

“Lawler’s gonna wrap that chain around his fist and KO that stroke. Long live the king!” — James Ellis, about Memphis wrestler Jerry Lawler hospitalized following stroke

“The sad thing is everyone knew before the last election that Halbert was a complete and incompetent failure, but they re-elected her anyway. Now ... we are stuck with an elected government official that has no idea what she is doing or how to fix the problem she has created! Arrogance personified!” — Paul Holt, about Shelby County clerk: No opening date yet for Riverdale branch office

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A priest, an archangel and 700 king cakes

Father Ben Bradshaw and his team at St. Michael Catholic Church are ready to bake about 700 king cakes. And it may be fitting: It was actually Bradshaw’s previous life as a baker that led him to the priesthood. 

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