Where have all the workers gone?

As the economy has started to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been having a hard time finding enough workers to meet the demand. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the labor shortage might not be ending any time soon.

Harris proposes county ethics reforms

Some of the changes proposed and outlined on The Daily Memphian Politics Podcast address issues that came up in the allegations made against county commissioner Edmund Ford Jr. in an independent investigation made public last month in The Daily Memphian. 


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Arts & Culture

Oh, snap: This week’s best photos

We’ve learned a few things in the past year. The pandemic made West Clinic doctors aware of the need for a special acute care facility for cancer patients. Overton High’s class of 2021 remembered the 2020 grads who didn’t get a traditional ceremony. Memphis 901 FC showed out in the first no-restrictions home game since March 2020. And the Memphis disco scene is stayin’ alive.

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Opinion: The importance of bridges

Bridges are magic. They connect, enable, overcome, elevate. They make big things possible when they weren’t before. They make it reachable for the many rather than the few, doable, accessible. 

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The case for property tax hikes in the suburbs

Collierville Mayor Stan Joyner and Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald talked on “Behind The Headlines” about property tax hikes passed and up for a final vote, respectively, in the cities they lead and why the estimated share of federal ARPA funds in each of their cities took a tumble in the latest estimates.

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