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“In 1995, two filmmakers did not get into the Sundance Film Festival and so they started their own film festival in the same town during the same days as Sundance. They called their film festival: Slamdance. Perhaps it is time for a few rejected teams to find a new space downtown and start their own BBQ festival during the same weekend in May. Sundance and Slamdance coexist in Park City in January. I think two BBQ festivals can coexist in Memphis in May.” — Mark Jones, about Memphis in May tells 35 barbecue teams they can’t compete due to space

“In today's Media Craziness, there are Millions of Views of Everything Social-Political-Cultural-and-Sports Wise. No matter what is going on, People on Social Media give their A-Whole Opine-Err Bod-Got One.The Grizz were on fire again. Tyus played like he did last year. Bane got his touch back. Jaren was good inside-Outside. X.Tillman is playing like D. Green-Tough Minded. Then D. BROOKS. When he is On, HE GOOD and Mean Good. Santi is just solid. So at home the Grizz should be fine till Ja gets back. On the Road will still BE THA QUESTION to where they will end up.” — Rick Porter, about Calkins: The Grizzlies got a victory message from Ja Morant. And a hard day ended in hope.

“Well done, my friend! I was getting flashbacks of two of my childhood favorites — Art Buchwald and Mike Royko — and think they've found a worthy successor in you. Onward and upward. — Mary Loveless, about Conaway: Tennessee to reserve all federal funds for evangelicals

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