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“Just oust her already. This is beyond ridiculous. The people of Shelby county deserve a smooth experience at the clerk’s office (as much as is possible) and they will never have it with Wanda. …” — Justus Smith, about Halbert could face ouster if she doesn’t move Poplar Plaza office

“Buddy Chapman was an important asset to this community. He brought integrity and professionalism to difficult jobs that have proven to be challenging to those who followed in his wake. …” — Ham Smythe, about Sanford: Chapman’s retirement a reminder of his enormous impact on public safety

‘This is an amazing funnel cake market.’ — a strong contender for best sports quote of the year! (And, this assuages some of my funnel cake guilt.)” — Ross Harris, about Redbirds Notebook: New eats, new rules at AutoZone Park this year

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City Council redistricting votes scheduled for April

An ad hoc group is expected to recommend several maps to the council with a first council vote scheduled for an April 5 special session. There is no guarantee the council will change the current district lines ahead of October city elections. And the ad hoc group isn’t of one mind on how to redraw the lines.


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