School deal draws varied reaction

Garner: Germantown got an excellent deal on the 3Gs

“If the county commission is going to foot the bill for the $72 million for a new school outside Germantown, then Germantown — which is paying just $5 million for the schools — got an excellent deal.”


Conaway: 3G deal isn’t a Christmas gift; it’s a theft

“Germantown will make out like bandits, and we’ll strap an already strapped system and county with new debt.”


$400M Cordova project breaks ground

“This is a wonderful Christmas present for Cordova,” Memphis City Councilwoman Rhonda Logan said. “This will be the catalyst needed for Cordova … and is a perfect example of a public-private partnership.” 

What Daily Memphians think:

“It’s unfortunate. But before we turn it into a community center, or bulldoze it … could we please do one thing? Roll that giant marble ball down the hall. All the way.” — Jay Adkins, about Oak Court in foreclosure, auction scheduled

“Growing up Jewish in the Deep South, I’ve never had a problem with being wished a Merry Christmas or wishing someone a Merry Christmas. ” — Aaron Shemper, about Morris: ‘Merry Christmas’ should not be political

“Good. MLGW shouldn’t be locked into anything for 20 years, especially with a supplier that won’t embrace current trends such as renewables or home-based solar systems that feed back into the grid.” — Richard Morrison, about MLGW rejects TVA’s long-term contract


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