• Bar Talk: Doc's 52

    Can’t decide between bourbon and rye? You don’t have to if you pick up a bottle of Doc.52; it’s half each.

  • $10 Deal: Happy Greek Cafe

    What is going on with the Middle-eastern restaurants on Highland? Open Flame Bar & Grill opened in September with a Poplar Avenue address but facing Highland. In November, Flames Mediterranean Grill opened next to Domino’s at Walker, and just last week I heard about Happy Greek Café, directly across the street, almost at the south end of the Highland Strip.

  • New Eats: Mahogany Memphis

    The big restaurant space inside Chickasaw Oaks Village has a new tenant and they’re serving up a large selection of food that’s a little bit upscale, a little bit soul food.

  • Bar Talk: Pontotoc Lounge

    Daniel Masters took over Pontotoc Cafe, revamped it and opened it as Pontotoc Lounge in August (despite the fact that you'll hear it called by its old name in the video).

  • Cooper Young updates and menu for Bigg Friday Lunch

    This is the Cooper Young column today. First, congratulations to Ruth Herndon, formerly of Restaurant Iris and The Second Line, who has become the general manager of Tsunami. Ben Smith and Colleen Couch-Smith’s restaurant celebrated 20 years in the summer and Herndon will be part of its continued growth.

  • Bar Talk: Celtic Crossing

    Celtic Crossing owner D.J. Naylor likes his whiskey, and he wants you to share his opinion. Last year, he held a series of drinking classes on Irish whiskey to expand the palates of us bourbon-lovin' Memphians. Now he's hosting a series on Scotch whisky (the Scots don't use the 'e') to further educate us.

  • Last list for Thanksgiving restaurant openings

    Here’s an updated list for places open on Thanksgiving. I’ve removed any place that has closed reservations and added another spot. Also, keep in mind that if you don’t want a traditional Thanksgiving meal, you can choose from numerous ethnic restaurants that will be open. Most are; call your favorite spots to check ahead of time and find out their hours. Wherever you celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  • $10 Deal: Flames Mediterranean Grill

    Well, there’s no room for confusion here. … A couple of months ago, Open Flame Bar and Grill opened at Poplar and Highland, serving Middle Eastern food. Earlier this month, Flames Mediterranean Grill opened on Highland, serving, um, you know. Middle Eastern food.

  • Restaurant Iris bears a different bloom in new season

    In April, Restaurant Iris turned 10 and in June, owner Kelly English shut it down for a complete re-do, the kind where walls get knocked down and menus tossed out. It was a gamble, a throw of the dice. Iris was beloved as it was and after my first visit, I wondered if the coin was going to land heads up.

  • Bar Talk: Babalu

    'Tis the season for a festive drink, but that doesn't mean you have to whip up pumpkin in a latte. At Babalu, where seasonal cocktails rotate through the menu, they're riffing on a holiday cake this year.

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